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  • Top 5 Versions of “Tajdar-e-Haram”

    Top 5 Versions of “Tajdar-e-Haram”

    In no particular order, here is my list of the top five versions of the qawwali “Tajdar-e-Haram”. You can find my full translation of the poetry here. The original by the Sabri Brothers is obviously very hard to match, but I think others have also done justice to it. Post any more versions of “Tajdar-e-Haram” that you enjoy in…

  • A Comprehensive Keyboard Layout for Urdu

    A Comprehensive Keyboard Layout for Urdu

    Many Urdu speakers first learn how to type in English, and therefore have trouble adjusting to the standard Urdu keyboard layout. The same applies to many of the speakers of languages that use variations of the Arabic script. Some people adjust to the standard layout of the language, but others may prefer an alternative that is…